Store Items:
Pls note that we ship on Tuesday and Wednesday only to avoid package sitting over the weekend somewhere. We can safely ship all bread items, muffin items and cookie items. We can not ship items with icing or need to be refrigerated. Thank you.

Please call the store to place your order at 561-292-4004 or click the order online page on your left. We may not be able to response your email quickly with our tight baking schedule, please pardon us. Thank you for choosing us.  
USPS Piority Large Flatrate Box $ 18
USPS Piority Medium Flatrate Box $ 13
Palm Beach County or Broward County same day delivery service offered by a delivery service company at $25 each order excluding wedding cake.
We do not charge extra fees to ship your items, shipping cost is base on quantity of the items you order plus whatever the Post Office is charging. Thank you.
The below list are items currently available at our Main Bakery in Boynton Beach. Everything we bake are gluten free. DF means Dairy Free, V means Vegan = No eggs No dairy, P means Paleo = No Grains No Dairy No Soy No Legume, SF means Sugar Free (Either sweetened with Erythritol, organic agave nectar, stevia or other natural sugar substitute, we do not use artificial sugar substitue like Splender or Aspartame) Nuts means that particular item contain treenuts.
Bread items:
5 Whole Grain Sandwich Bread                                         $ 7.00
(Dairy Free 1lb loaf)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread                                                       $ 9.00
(Vegan 1lb loaf)

Crusty Bread DF                                                                 $ 7.00

Olive & Sun-Dried Tomato Bread DF                                $ 9.00

Focaccia with Rosemary Vegan (2 serving in a package)  $ 7.00

Bagels, Plain, Sesame Seed, Everything or Cinnamon Raisin $ 2.50 e.a.

Rye Bread (No Rye Flour)  1lb Vegan                               $ 9.00

Vegan Sandwich White Bread 1lb Vegan                           $ 7.00

Vegan Crusty Bread 12oz Vegan                                         $7.00

Vegan Olive Tomato Bread 13oz Vegan                              $ 9.00

Challah DF 1lb braided                                                       $ 8.99
(Fri only)

Banana Bread DF                                                                $ 7.99

Pumpkin Bread DF                                                             $ 7.99

Paleo Bread with Organic Coconut Flour DF SF 1/2 loaf  $ 8.00
Whole loaf (1 lb 10 oz)                                                       $16.00
Paleo Pumpkin Muffin GF DF SF                                      $  3.50
Paleo Pumpkin Wrap GF DF SF                                         $ 3.50

Brazilian Cheese Roll (Pao de Quijos) SF                  $ 5.00/Box
(Fri Sat only) (2 in a box)

Scones, Coconut Milk & Organic Blueberries Vegan SF   $ 2.99 e.a.

Muffin items: Each Muffin $
Organic Blueberry Muffin DF                                            $ 2.99

Banana Walnut Muffin DF - nuts                                       $ 2.99

Organic Carrot Muffin Vegan                                            $ 2.99

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin Vegan                          $ 2.99

Cookie items:
You can order 1 cookie or any amount mixed            
Chocolate Chip / Double Chocolate Chip Cookie             $ 16/lb
($2 e.a. 1 lb contains 8 cookies)  

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Vegan                                          $ 16/lb
($2 e.a. 1 lb contains 8 cookies)

Biscotti with toasted Almond & Cranberry - nuts             $ 20/lb
($5 / 4oz in each box about 5-6 cookies)

Almond Horn DF - nuts                                               $ 1.99 e.a.

Hamantashen Cookie (Raspberry or Apricot)               $ 1.99 e.a.

Coconut Macaroon DF                                                 $ 1.99 e.a.

Ginger Cookie DF                                                        $ 1.50 e.a.

Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookie Vegan                      $ 1.50 e.a.

Ginger Snap Cookie Vegan                                          $ 1.50 e.a.

Mexican Wedding Cookie DF SF Paleo - nuts            $ 1.99 e.a.

New York Classic Black & White Cookie                   $ 3.50 e.a.

Linzer Heart with Raspberry Preserve Vegan-nuts      $ 3.99 e.a.
(using Almond Flour in Vegan Linzer Heart Cookie)

Coconut Almond Macaroon Vegan Paleo SF - nuts $ 5.99 / Box


Meringue Kisses DF                                                  $ 1.50 /2 pcs

Cake items:
Organic Carrot Cake Vegan                                    $ 5.99 / Heart

Mixed Berries Layer Cake with Coconut Cream Vegan $ 5.99 / Slice

New York Cheese Cake                                           $ 5.99 / Slice

Snowy White Layer Cake w/ ButterCream Icing  $ 5.99 / Slice

Flourless Cho. Cake (Callebeut Belgium Dark Chocolate)$ 5.99 / Slice

Chocolate Souffle Cream Roll DF                                      $ 5.99
Vanilla Strawberry Cream Roll DF                                    $ 5.99

Brownie with Toasted Pecan Vegan Paleo - nuts               $ 5.99
Made with Organic Coconut Flour SF


Mile High Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate or Vanilla
Buttercream Icing                                                               $ 3.99

Chocolate Cupcake w/ Coconut Cream Icing Vegan         $ 3.99

Vanilla Cupcake w/ Citrus Tofutti Icing Vegan                 $ 3.99
Chocolate Cupcake w/ Chocolate Coconut Cream Vegan $ 3.99

Pie items:
Pecan Pie with Organic Flaxseed Meal Vegan - nuts$ 5.99/Slice

Organic Cherry Berry Pie 4” Vegan                                   $ 5.99
Apple Tart 4" Vegan                                                           $ 5.99

Coconut Cream Pie 4” Vegan Paleo SF                             $ 5.99

Key Lime Triangle w/ in-house Biscotti Crust - nuts  $ 5.99 e.a.

Blueberry Lemon Curd Coconut Tart 4" Paleo SF             $ 5.99

Quiche with Roasted Red Bell Peppers & Spinach   $ 5.99/Slice

3 Cheese with Homemade Organic Tomato Sauce       $ 6.99 e.a
(Asiago, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese)

Spinach Mozzarella                                                       $ 6.99 e.a

Vegan Pizza with Black Olives, Tomato & Spinach    $ 6.99 e.a.

Paleo Pumpkin Wrap 8" (Friday Saturday Only)         $ 3.50 e.a.

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